little cutie with a big crush on a guy named tyler


During a convention interview, star Glenn Howerton was asked why his character was named Dennis, whereas Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney's characters are named after themselves. Howerton responded by saying that he wanted to distance himself from his character as much as fucking possible.

Details - Paolo Sebastian Fall/Winter 2014 Bridal



separation is such an illusion. we are one

why do people so desperately want to be plants. i dont get it. go live your leaf life ill be here as a human tbh


me when i’m wearing new clothes


david bowie aesthetic in #95816C


can I have this room please

Nara Dreamland, the infamous abandoned theme park in Japan.

"there was a time before you
but I can’t remember it now
a time before your beauty and I
were formally introduced
I’m sure I lived without you
but I don’t remember how
can’t imagine living without
these feelings you’ve produced

just one glance
and my life was redrawn
just one word
and my vocabulary changed
I asked the time
and you said ‘what’s the hurry?’
you asked my name
and I almost forgot"
- David Levithan, The Realm of Possibility (via larmoyante)


how is this town real